Warehousing & Distribution

Getting your goods from Point A to Point B is vital but sometimes you need a warehouse that offers storage and distribution services along the way. Supreme Transportation Group can do that for you. We offer a wide range of warehouse and distribution services to our customers with the complete visibility to monitor, manage, and track inventory. Some of our services include:

  • Long and Short Term Storage – What happens if your customer cannot accept delivery? We have got you covered. We can store your goods for as long as needed.
  • Pick and Pack – Only need certain items? Our staff will get your order ready efficiently.
  • Order Fulfillment – We handle your receiving, processing, and shipping needs for every order
  • Shipment Consolidation – Benefits of consolidation include reduced costs, quicker transit times, better safety, lower fuel costs and emissions released into the environment, and less paperwork
  • Re-Pack/Palletizing – We repack your goods in the most secure way possible
  • Cross Docking – When storage is not needed or time is of the essence, trust us to make sure your freight continues on its journey

There are a lot of other reasons to consider using STG’s warehouse services.

  1. Preservation and Safety – Your freight will be held securely to prevent theft and damage from natural forces like wind, rain, sunlight and heat, and extreme cold.
  2. The use of proper equipment like forklifts and loaders guarantees trouble-free and damage-free handling of your goods.
  3. Warehouses help house seasonal goods for immediate transport.
  4. Building and maintaining a warehouse is expensive. Not every business is able to do it. Now it is not necessary. STG can supply any business with the right warehouse services.
  5. Using warehouse storage systems guarantees a continuous supply of your products.
  6. Our warehouse is close to the airport and major interstates.

If you know you need storage services or if the need arises unexpectedly, Supreme Transportation Group has the capacity for your business needs.


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